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Seismic multichannel data Offshore Mount Etna Data Base
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This website is dedicated to the visualization and to get information from S.O.M.E. database. S.O.M.E consists of ~480 km of high resolution 2D multichannel seismic data acquired in 2005 in the Ionian Sea, offshore Mount Etna (southeast Sicily, Italy). The surveyed area consists of a sea sector from Catania to Taormina (latitude 37° 25’ 00”N - 37° 50’ 00”N and from the coast to longitude 15° 30’ 00”E) and from 100 m b.s.l. along the coast to a depth of 2000 m b.s.l. in the bathyal zones.

The survey was aimed to image with the highest resolution the very shallow structure of the crust off-shore Mount Etna, a total of 39 seismic lines have been processed and recorded in SEG-Y format. The dominant frequency of the reflected signal throughout the sections was about 90 Hz. In this acoustic framework the vertical resolution limit is 5 – 7 m, while the horizontal limit is about 200 m at 2.0 s two way travel time (TWT), all the recorded lines have a maximum depth of 3.0 s (TWT).

The website is addressed to specialized users which are familiar with seismic data processing and analysis, but anyone interested in seismic imaging of crustal structures in the offshore on Mount Etna can explore the database.

Use the image below to browse in the preview of database (click on line number)  or download .

The S.O.M.E. database is published with a CC BY 4.0 license and can be used freely, even partly, but it must be cited as follows.


Francesco Mazzarini, Ilaria Isola, Marina Bisson, Luca Nannipieri, Massimiliano Favalli, Alessandro Fornaciai, Simone Tarquini (2017). Seismic lines Offshore Mount Etna (SOME): open database , Annals of Geophysics 60, 5, 2017, S0557, doi: 10.4401/ag-7346


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